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Gratitude pays off for Bonifay woman

With the season of gratitude underway, Sheila Boswell is thankful her perseverance in life has caught the attention of an anonymous benefactor.

Boswell shared with readers back in September how she strives to stay positive in life despite living with a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis that permanently altered her appearance and makes everyday life a struggle. Everything from dealing with cruel comments from strangers who don’t understand her condition to a recent cancer diagnosis keeps Boswell on her knees praying for emotional and spiritual strength.

Boswell said she strives to see the blessings in even the toughest times. She lives modestly on $861 in monthly disability income and has managed to create a cozy and stable home for herself and her 16-year-old daughter, Nevaeh.

After Boswell’s story ran in the Advertiser, a donor who came forward eight years ago with a $5,000 donation for Boswell has gifted her one once again with a $500 gas card and $1,000 gift card to help Boswell furnish her home. The gifts were coordinated by a former News Herald editor who noticed and wanted to reward Boswell’s perseverance in life, stating that “good people deserve to have good things happen to them.”

Boswell said she feels beyond grateful and blessed and is “over the moon” to be going sofa shopping soon.

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