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Bonifay woman dies from brutal dog attack

A Bonifay woman was found deceased Aug. 14 – the victim of a brutal attack by what authorities believe were multiple aggressive dogs.

Shirley Johnson, 69, was found a few feet off the side of the road in the area of Bonifay Gritney Road in Holmes County.

Holmes County Sheriff John Tate said Johnson was walking home from a family member’s home nearby late Saturday afternoon when the attack ensued. Johnson was found the following day by a pedestrian.

Tate said the medical examiner confirmed Johnson died from more than 100 dog bites.

Deputies canvassed the neighborhood in an effort to locate the dogs involved in the incident. Tate said deputies found a nearby home with three dogs that neighbors knew to be aggressive toward those walking past the property.

Tate said no charges are pending in the case due to lack of physical evidence linking the suspected dogs to Johnson’s death.

Tate added that the owner of the dogs voluntarily put down two of the dogs. The third dog was surrendered to authorities Tuesday.

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