Bonifay’s new city leadership was sworn in after the votes were counted Tuesday night. Pictured, from left to right, are Seat 2 Councilman James Sellers, Seat 1 Councilman Larry Cook, Seat 3 Councilwoman Shelley Carroll, Seat 4 Councilwoman Sierra Smith, and Mayor Dr. Emily McCann. Candidates were sworn in by City Clerk Rickey Callahan. [JENNIFER RICH | NEWS AND ADVERTISER]

Bonifay’s new city leadership sworn in

With the close of the polls and count of the votes cast, Bonifay’s new city leadership was sworn in Tuesday night.  Bonifay voters turned out in record numbers with 345 votes cast in the March 28 city election. Sixty absentee ballots were a part of that total. City Clerk Rickey Callahan read off the total...


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