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Preserving dignity one bib at a time

BONIFAY – Dignity, by definition, is  the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. Those qualities are something Bonifay resident Ashlin Miron is hoping to preserve for Panhandle senior citizens or disabled persons who are in need of a helping hand during meals.

Miron says sewing skills learned from her mother long ago came in handy after she saw a photo on the internet of a bib-like garment that was designed to look like a shirt.

Miron became interested in making similar garments and began collecting shirts to repurpose as “dignity bibs.” 

Miron says she was further inspired by her love for her grandmother, who has dementia. 

“I wanted to help others like her to not feel degraded when they go out for a meal. I saw a big need for something like this,” said Miron, who added that the alternative is often draping a towel or plastic bib over the person who is being assisted.

“I don’t want anyone to feel degraded when they are out for a good time with loved one. I want people to have peace of mind and to bring back dignity to elderly people. A normal bib can be degrading for an adult to wear; however, a dignity bib helps to preserve the dignity of the wearer by being more discreet, as it looks like they are wearing a shirt rather than a bib.”

Currently, Miron is working with Brandon Thorne, who is not only her pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church, but is also the chaplain for Covenant Care Hospice, to deliver the bibs to those in need at nursing homes and home health. 

While Miron first began with serving those in Holmes County, her goal is to reach the entire Panhandle.  

Donations of both men and women’s button up shirts are needed in sizes medium and large and can be dropped off at Bethlehem Baptist Church on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings until June 30. 

Miron has also set up a Venmo for monetary donations to purchase thread, needles and other sewing needs under @Dignity-Bibs. 

Bethlehem Baptist Church is located at 1572 Co Rd 177 in Bonifay.

For more information go to her website at USADignityBibs.com.

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