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HCSB votes to change dress code, cell phone policy

HOLMES COUNTY – The Holmes County School Board recently voted to change parts of the Student Code of Conduct. 

The new code requires states that students will not be allowed to wear pants or jeans with holes in them. Superintendent Buddy Brown urges parents to keep this in mind when purchasing school clothes. 

the time comes to shop for school clothes, take a moment to remember
the changes we have made to the dress code and shop accordingly,” said

Another notable change is a revision to the cell phone policy. In the past, students were allowed to have their phone at teacher discretion. Now, that policy is across the board, stating that cell phones must be “off and away” during school hours. Students must have their cell phone turned “off” or on silent, and “away” or out of sight during the school day. Parents or guardians may contact the school office to get in touch with their children(s) during the normal school day.

School Board Member Leesa Lee says this change is for the better.

“As a former educator,
I like this idea of putting the phones away,” said Lee. “Students will
be less distracted and able to focus more on the task at hand.”

The full Student Code of Conduct can be viewed by clicking here.

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