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Jeremie Peters seeks appeal, alleges judge interfered with juror

The District Court of Appeals (DCA) is expected to soon consider the case of Jeremie Peters, who was found guilty in June and sentenced in July for his role in the 2020 murder of Raul Ambriz Guillen. The trial and sentencing were held before Judge Timothy Register in the Holmes County courtroom.

The Notice of Appeal filed with the DCA alleges Judge Register interfered with the jury by “excusing Juror No. 44 without allowing proper inquiry from the defense on June 22, 2021.”

The notice, filed by attorney Kerry Adkinson on Peters’ behalf, also cites Judge Register’s denial of a motion for a new trial and/or motion for arrest of judgement, as well as his denial of a motion for a directed verdict of acquittal on June 24, 2021.

The appeal also asks the DCA to review the judicial acts of imposition of the judgement and the sentence itself.

Peters was found guilty on charges of accessory after the fact and of conspiracy to tamper with a witness in the case.

He was found not guilty on the charge of principal to second degree murder. Peters was also previously charged with abuse of a corpse; however, presiding Judge Timothy Register dismissed that charge early in the proceedings.

Peters’ current sentence includes 15 years for being an accessory after the fact, followed by another five years for his involvement in a conspiracy to tamper with a key witness in the case. The sentences will run consecutively.

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