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Former LEO pled to battery charge

A former law enforcement officer was sentenced Wednesday in Holmes County on a charge of  battery on a child. Thomas Stubbs pled to a lesser charge than the original charges at the time of his arrest in Aoril 2020, according to the State Attorney’s office.

Holmes County Circuit Judge Russell Roberts sentenced Stubbs to five years probation effective immediately.

Former LEO charged with sexual battery

Stubbs was arrested June 15 last year by Holmes County Sheriff’s Office on charges of sexual battery on two juveniles. The initial affidavit of complaint stated Stubbs repeatedly fondling and molesting two girls in 2020.

The Department of Children and Families Child Protective Team conducted forensic interviews with the two girls in October 2020 and reportedly uncovered a perpetual cycle of molestation endured by the juveniles for most of the same year. Stubbs initially denied the allegations.

This article has been updated from the original posted on October 12, to reflect the correct charges in the case.

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