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Bonifay police officer receives recognition award


Bonifay police officer Raymond Grimbly was given an award from the American Police Hall of Fame and Legion of Police Officers for his service to the city and community through volunteer hours during a City Council meeting on Thursday, Dec. 21.

Grimbly, who is often the security officer at City Council meetings, was presented the recognition by Police Chief Johnny Whitaker. 

“He volunteers so many hours a year and does so for free,” Whitaker said. “He’s not a paid employee with the police department but he is at every event that we have. If you’ve noticed lately, he’s been going to fire departments within the county and representing the police department and has done so well.”

Bonifay police officer Raymond Grimbly (right) was recognized for his hours of community service with an award from the American Police Hall of Fame and Legion of Police Officers. Bonifay Police Chief Johnny Whitaker (left) presented the award to Grimbly during a City Council meeting on Dec. 21. [COLLIN BREAUX | Holmes County Advertiser]
The award from the Hall of Fame and Legion said Grimbly’s “dedication to serving the public should be recognized.”

“Your commitment to making your community a better place is evident in your service and you set an admirable standard for all that you follow,” the Hall of Fame and Legion said in their recognition.

In other news from the meeting, the City Council officially approved hiring Jonathan Holloway as the new city attorney. Holloway will begin his new role in January. Former City Attorney Michelle Jordan announced her resignation in September. 

According to his application, Holloway is a “sole-practicioner with over 20 years of experience covering a range of civil law issues.”

“The majority of my professional work is connected to state, county or local government affairs either directly or indirectly, on a broad spectrum of affairs including government contracting, public records and Sunshine Law, and real property transactions and land planning,” Holloway wrote.

He has practiced in Crestview since 2007 and been Crestview’s city attorney since February 2019.

“Mr. Holloway brings to the city experience,” Mayor Larry Cook said. “We would like to use his expertise in the growth south of the interstate. I believe he’ll be a valuable asset to the city.”

Holloway’s schedule will likely cause changes in City Council meeting dates, so city staff will get with Holloway to figure out his availability and figure out what works best. Meetings thus may be on the first and third Monday of the month instead of the second and fourth Mondays.

Speaking of meeting dates, Councilmember Rick Crews made a motion to cancel having a City Council meeting on the first Monday of January since that will be New Year’s Day, which was approved. The early January meeting date is currently tentative. 

Lastly, City Executive Assistant Sierra Smith mentioned the City of Bonifay getting around $1.4 million from the state to upgrade the city’s wastewater treatment plant and potable water supply.

“That’s a huge, huge ordeal for the City of Bonifay,” Smith said. “(Chief Plant Operator Matt Perry) called me three times after I told him we got it. We were so excited. It was the win we needed. I’m excited how that’s going to impact our citizens and impact our city.”

Smith said she would provide updates as the process moves forward and that Perry deserves the funding.


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