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Cloud Auto Parts looks to expand with 2nd location in Vernon


As things stand now, Cloud Auto Parts is a fixture of the Bonifay business community, with a shop on Wauskesha Street where customers can stop by or call in to get what they need for their vehicles.

However, the local business is looking to expand into neighboring Washington County–specifically, a second location at 3246 Main Street in Vernon.

“We got some property bought up there. I think the building’s been a dollar store, a feed store, a department store,” owner Greg Cloud said. “We’re trying to get it all set up for March. We haven’t set a date for an opening.”

Cloud Auto Parts owner Greg Cloud said he is “excited” that the Bonifay-based shop will expand over into Vernon. The second location is tentatively expected to open sometime in March. [COLLIN BREAUX | Washington County News] 

Cloud said he is “excited” about opening the Vernon location. Cloud Auto Parts already has customers in Vernon, who are reportedly relieved they will soon no longer have to drive to Bonifay. 

“I think Vernon’s going to be a good area 10, 15 years down the road for a customer base,” he said. 

The Vernon store will be the same as the current Bonifay location.

“We’ll have less equipment over there,” Cloud said. “I don’t have the parking over there that I’ve got here. We can’t have tractors, lawnmowers–definitely not on the level that I have here. But parts is our bread and butter anyway.”

Cloud said Cloud Auto Parts–which opened in 1967–has had a “pretty good” last few business years.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us for the next few months to get everything rolling,” he said. “We’re getting everything set up. All the inventory has been pulled aside. We’re trying to get the inside squared away so we can get the shelves put up.”

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