Off-duty rescuer saves swimmers in peril

On Wednesday morning, June 5, around 10:40 a.m., emergency tones blared through the home base fire radio of Jasley Medley. 

Situated just 1.3 miles from Dogwood Lakes Creek, Jasley, the wife of Bonifay Fire-Rescue firefighter Austin Medley, felt an immediate call to action. 

Despite knowing that firefighters were en route, her instincts propelled her to the scene.

Jasley, a certified law enforcement officer and licensed practical nurse in Florida, arrived at a chaotic scene. Two young children stood by the creek, tears streaming down their faces, while a woman frantically pointed downstream. 

A mother and her child were clinging desperately to a tree limb, bobbing in about 15 feet of water, 30 yards downstream. The mother, unable to swim, was losing her grip and strength.

Without hesitation, Jasley plunged into the creek. She reassured the panicked boy, promising to get him to safety first. With the child clutching her, she swam to the bank where her son, Jasper Wells, waited. 

Jasper swiftly pulled the boy from the water, ensuring his safety. Jasley’s bravery didn’t waver despite the presence of a menacing water moccasin nearby.

Undeterred, she returned to rescue the mother. With strength and determination, Jasley swam back to the distressed woman, securing her and bringing her to the creek bank. Jasper once again stepped in to help, pulling the mother to safety.

Moments later, Bonifay Fire-Rescue arrived. The team conducted thorough checks on the swimmers, who declined further medical assistance and ensured that Jasley and Jasper were unharmed following their courageous rescue.

“I did what I would want someone to do for me and my family,” Jasley said. 

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