Adopt a teacher in Holmes County

Holmes County Adopt a Teacher is in full swing celebrating its fifth year.

As the school year approaches, teachers find themselves pulling out of their own pockets to make the classrooms conducive to learning, and have the needed supplies on hand.


With the help of social media like Facebook,  teachers have put up their wish lists of needed supplies. Students, parents, family members, and local businesses can find a wishlist, order the items, and it’s on the way to the teacher or teachers of your choice.

Teachers have requested things like: bottles of glue, tacky putty for hanging posters, hand sanitizer, pens, pencils, sensory items, and the list goes on.


Five years ago, Miranda Stafford brought this idea to Holmes County teachers to help defray some of the expenses of the classroom set up. Since then, the program has helped many teachers. The school board supplies books, and the necessities, but not the decorations, learning posters, or handheld items that teachers use day to day in their lessons. Holmes County teachers give so much of themselves everyday teaching children. Giving back to them is just a way to show we appreciate what they do.

School begins Aug10, but teachers are already in their classrooms preparing for the first day.

But some of their Amazon wish lists are still waiting to be fulfilled.
You can help a Holmes County teacher by going to their Facebook page,

www.facebook.com/groups/61606150386092 named Holmes County Florida Adopt a Teacher.


When you help a teacher, you help a student succeed.

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