Biden’s approval is a slidin’

It was a bad week for Sloppy Joe Biden and Democrats. If I were delt the poker hand of Biden, Harris, AOC, Schumer, and Pelosi, I would fold.

After a brief 5-point spike in dismal approval rating (up to 42% from a low of 37% in July/August), Biden’s numbers fell back again this week.

His numbers bumped up when he released to us our strategic oil reserve to improve his Party’s chances in the mid-term elections.

Then it hit people, they thought about it and said, “wait a minute” –you sell about all our oil reserves to us, at a higher price, to hide your bad energy policies and help your election chances? It’s like someone stealing your watch and magnanimously telling you what time it is.

Selling off the nation’s oil reserve for political purposes as conflict with Russian in Ukraine and with China in Taiwan looms puts our nation at risk. If we invade those countries with our electric climate sensitive tanks, I do not think we can rely on their EV charging stations to help our advance.

Then reality set in. The stock market got crushed again, back to Bear Market territory. Interest rates and inflation stayed high, and Biden is facing a government shutdown over his egregious “Green” budget. We are very close as a nation, to asking Ukraine for money or if the Taliban in Afghanistan will pay us for our weapons we left them.

Do not expect the Taliban to pay us, they point to the 2000
George Bush Doctrine of “Finders Keepers.”

To make matters worse, Biden was allowed to talk. Never a good idea. His handlers arranged a soft ball interview with Scott Pelley of DNC sister organization, their CBS affiliate. Biden declared the borders closed, and Covid over. Which came as a surprise to anyone paying attention.

The way the leftist media hovers over Biden and treats him with kid-gloves in a made for TV interview is like parents trying to help their 5-year-old play the board game Scrabble for the first time.

Biden was also allowed to speak to another friendly crowd, the NEA, our nation’s biggest teacher’s union sponsored by the DNC of course.

He met in secret with senior union officials and some teachers afterwards. He and his team felt it was a success. Any time you confer with union teachers alone for so long that does not end with you not being scheduled for a gender reassignment operation, should be considered a big win.

Biden then has been given versions of his “red death speech.” This is where he calls the other side divisive, while calling MAGA Republicans (48% of the country) and especially Trump fascist Nazis.

So, for the record and to recap, Trump is a Hitler-like leader, who overseas MAGA Nazis — another historic first, a Nazi leader who has three Jewish grandkids, a Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner, and an antisemite leader who moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

It is amazing what Democrats to do with facts to bend them to their narrative.

Also weighing on his credibility is immigration. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move to put a mirror in the face of Democrats by sending just 50 “immigrants” to Martha’s Vineyard. Poignantly and provocative, it made even the feeble-minded thing about illegal immigration.

It highlighted the left’s hypocrisy on the issue. The only thing
liberal northeastern Democrat operatives got off that island quicker than those 50 Hispanics, was the body of Ted Kennedy’s secretary.

Then there is the weaponization of the FBI to be Biden’s Secret Police. Dawn raids with 30 armed agents at 80 year old men’s homes. anti-abortion activist in swing state of Pennsylvania raided this week by 25 heavily armed agents.

And of course, the Mar-a-Lago raid, urgently retrieving documents for the all important National Archives.

When the FBI was finally forced to release the affidavit, it was so
blacked out, it could have been Nancy Pelosi’s husband. The redactions on the FBI document made public made it so black, famous and controversial, I can totally see it dating a Kardashian soon.

The Democrat Deep State has arrested all these opponents, put Trump’s personal attorney away, tapped the phone of a Fox News reporter, plus took the My Pillow dude’s cell phone.

I hope they do not start arresting satirist who take them on. Hang on a second, there are some guys with guns in my back yard and someone is banging on my front door.

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron appears on CNN and Fox. He can be contacted at or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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