After watching and listening to the Oct. 23 Bonifay City Council meeting, I would like to call attention to the rude and unprofessional conduct of two members of of the City Council and the city clerk: Rickey Callahan, James Sellers, and of course the town’s “beloved” mayor, Larry Cook!

How dare James Sellers raise his voice at a citizen (Richard Willsey) because Mr. Willsey expects the council to have transparency in spending taxpayers dollars or soliciting donations. 

Why is there a secret of how much money the volunteer fire department raised on a pancake breakfast? And better yet, how will this money be spent to benefit the volunteer fire department of Bonifay and/or save money for the city? 

Doesn’t anyone on the council have guts enough to say no to Larry Cook or James Sellers?

Also, why should the council be offended by a citizen requesting information about the money the town raises and where it is spent? 

This “illustrious” council just raised taxes by three mil. If there is nothing to hide then be forthcoming with money issues. Answer questions raised by any citizen without shouting “I’m tired of you and your questions.” So immature. 

I still want to understand how a “part-time” administrative assistant can make $23 per hour. 

Why is Mr. Callahan (already a paid employee of Bonifay with benefits) not doing the duties of this administrative assistant? And, again, I question the use of a lawyer and her huge annual salary to just sit and look at her computer screen. 

Since I am concerned about being hollered at, I shall ask my question this way and I realize I will never understand nor get answers. 

If Emily McCann was so concerned about her well-being and the well-being of her family, why is it rumored she will be coming back onto the council? 

All of the sudden, there is no longer a threat?

Another family issue that concerns me–why is Larry Cook the mayor over all the departments of the city, including the volunteer fire department where his son is chief (in charge).

If this is not nepotism in action, what is? Maybe my five years in college did not teach me much but I did learn the definition of nepotism. 

Why are the citizens of Bonifay afraid to stand up to this bullying council and fire them to hire honest women and men who will truly look out for the best interest of the people of this town? 

Surely there are others who will see how these women and men are hiding something or they would not be so offended with questions (legitimate questions) from the citizens.

Yes, I understand there are many in this town who have benefited from Larry Cooks’ benevolence but those who have benefited, have you ever wondered where he gets his money?

I do realize there has been an attempt to clean up part of the property Mayor Cook owns but what about all the used and wrecked vehicles behind the tire shop? Does he have a junkyard permit?

I realize I will not live long enough to hear the answers to my concerns or to see changes for the better of this lovely little town. 

It is such a shame that so many honest, God-fearing Christians are not willing to stand up to this council and say enough lying and cheating.

Way to go Richard Willsey! You ask those questions! One day more than just I will recognize what you are trying to do.


M. Wilhemina Urquhart

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