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HCDC makes strides to bring jobs to Holmes County

HOLMES COUNTY – The Holmes County Development Commission (HCDC) has made great strides in the past year to bring industry and jobs to Holmes County.  Part of that is the property on Highway 90 where Xtreme Boats is located.
The company has already expanded to new buildings that house a powder
coating business and now have their eyes on another building that will
e a yet to be named business but one that compliments Xtreme Boats. 

Environmental Manufacturing and Supply Inc in Bonifay has already expanded their business by 18,000 square feet and is expanding even further after landing three major contracts. EMSI will rent the two old farmers market buildings where the agriculture center is located. This expansion allows for 20,000 more square feet and will more than double the work force for the company. Landing these contracts not only helps the business it also means more jobs in Holmes County. 

HCDC Executive Director Joe Rone says that he met with a company out of Pennsylvania that manufactures high temperature and high pressure
sensors for various companies nationwide and expects to hear from them
later this week about renting space at the old Bonifay Middle School
where those sesnsors would be assembled. 

recently met with a company out of Pennsylvania that is very interested
in renting the old fifth grade building at the middle school,” said
Rone. “The company is
also looking at a space in Jackson County as well. We are supposed to hear from them later this week on a decision 

Rone says should the company decide on Bonifay, it would be a boon for the county. “Having this company come to Bonifay would benefit the county financially as it would bring approximately 65 jobs to the area which is always a good thing,” said Rone. 

“The Development Commission has spent approximately a million dollars over the last year purchasing land,” said Rone. “Instead of sitting on wealth, we are spending our funds to do what is best for our county. 

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