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Panhandle man shooting 1,000 free throws a day for good cause

BONIFAY – One Panhandle man is on a mission to shoot 1,000 free throws a day for 50 days straight.

Perry Dissmore, a family pastor from Tallahassee, decided he was going to travel around the Panhandle this summer shooting free throws to raise money for a basketball court in Sri Lanka. 

“I’m getting ready to turn 50 years-old and I wanted to do something big for God. Rather than cry in a corner, or go off and sulk, I was like you know what I’m going to celebrate being 50, celebrate what God has done with my life with basketball,” Dissmore said.

On Thursday, he stopped at Bethlehem High School and had some rebounding help from the fourth and fifth graders from the Carmel Assembly of God. 

“Most of the time I have older people helping me, but kids are amazing,” Dissmore said.

Dissmore is pretty impressive when it comes to free throw shooting, as he currently holds the Guinness World Record for most free throws made in an hour with 2,395. 

He actually broke that record the other day on another stop of the tour. 

“Just the other day we said lets shoot for an hour and break that record, and I got 2,461, it’s unofficial right now, but that was pretty exciting,” Dissmore said. 

With day 42 completed and in the books, just over a week remains for ‘Mission Madness’ to reach their goal of $50,000. They currently sit at $40k, but they aren’t done yet. 

“I am sure hoping for it, I am praying that people just continue to give and we reach that $50,000. Nothing is fore sure, but I am believing by faith, that will be our goal and we will meet it,” Dissmore said. 

If you would like to donate to their mission, head to their website here and click ‘Give Now’, then select ‘Basketball Court.’


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