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Holmes County’s World Series runners-up celebrated by community

Holmes County’s rec league youth baseball team was welcomed home with a parade down Bonifay’s Main Street on Saturday morning, after returning to the Panhandle from the Dixie World Series.

The 11-12 team dominated their way to a state title a few weeks back and finished second overall at the Dixie World Series.

“It’s the first time an 11-12 team has ever won state from Holmes County so it’s pretty cool that we’re the first and we’ll be on a billboard,” Holmes County’s Jackson Cook said. “And then, it’s the first time we’ve even gone to the world series, so it’s crazy that we were runner-up.”

After the parade, the team was acknowledged by the city of Bonifay for their incredible run to the Dixie World Series, and Saturday night the team went to Atlanta where they were recognized at a Braves game.

“It’s definitely great to have a community behind you and having someone to support you for what you’ve done,” Holmes County’s Bryant Mathis said. “And, I’ve never been to an MLB game before so it will definitely be a really cool experience you know.”

The consensus best part of the once-in-a-lifetime Dixie World Series experience for the boys from Holmes County was representing the community and state that they know and love.

“It’s really fun representing the state of Florida,” Holmes County’s Logan O’Neill said. “Especially when you’re just a little town, from Florida, and just going out and playing baseball, the game we love.”

In addition to the Braves game, the team will soon make a trip to St. Petersburg, where they will be recognized at the Tampa Bay Rays game, and tickets for the team will be free of charge.

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