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Volunteers needed after Lucky Puppy animal rescue damaged by Tropical Storm Fred

BONIFAY— A local animal rescue came to work Tuesday morning in a panic, after seeing all the damages across their property. 

Volunteers and staff had to use chainsaws to clear trees littered across their property at Lucky Puppy Rescue. They said they really do feel lucky because no puppies or dogs were harmed after the storm.  

my God,” said Niki Beagell a staff member. “That was all I could think
of, as the tears were coming. And Becky put her arm around me and said
we got this.” 

Tuesday morning when Lucky Puppy staff and Beagell arrived, they were
greeted with destroyed shelters, broken-down trees, and flooding.
Damages they saw will cost money to repair, which they are worried they
cannot cover. 

thousands of dollars,” said Beagell. “We had several volunteers show up
today, young men with chainsaws that were out there helping us.” 

Puppy’s animal intake is still closed due to a shortage of funding, so
now with these damages, they are spread extra thin. 

really, really need the public’s help, to help us get our funds back
up, so that we have a cushion, so we have an emergency fund there for
when things like this happen, so we don’t have to scramble, worry and
panic,” she said. 

there is extensive damage, Beagell said the animals are their top
priority. They will continue to make sure they are well taken care of,
before spending money on repairs. 

“Come help us, we need it,” said Beagell. 

Help is needed, even if you want to volunteer and help clean up. All information can be found on the Lucky Puppy Rescue website

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