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City of Bonifay to step up enforcement of yard sale ordinance

BONIFAY – The City of Bonifay is working to remind residents of the city’s yard sale ordinance ahead of more proactive enforcement.

Bonifay Code Enforcement Officer Rodney Coffey says although the ordinance went into effect last fall, few residents seem to be aware of it.

“We have had complaints about people who have yard sales every weekend,” said Coffey. “The issue is actually impacting traffic in some areas.”

The ordinance requires those holding a yard sale to obtain a permit from Bonifay City Hall. The permit is free, but the number of sales allowed is limited to six per year with no less than seven days between sales for residential locations and no less than 30 days between sales for commercial locations.

Non-profit yard sales held as fundraising efforts by churches and other organizations are exempt from both the permit requirement and time constraints.

Coffey also reminds the public that signage is not allowed on structures like telephone poles and will be removed.

Violations of the yard sale ordinance can result in a citation and a $25 fine.

To read the ordinance in its entirety, click here.


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