Holmes County lost one of its beloved sons when Bobby Sasnett, 74,  succumbed to injuries he sustained in a car accident on Feb. 7. 

A lifelong resident of Westville, Sasnett served on the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners representing District 1 from 2012 to 2021. He was known by many as the commissioner that made all he did, about the people of Holmes County.

County Manager David Corbin described Sasnett as the “nuts and bolts behind all the good things” in the county. “Bobby was a straightforward man with a heart of gold,” said Corbin. “No matter what it was, he wanted to help the people. In all of my career, both here and in Washington County, I’ve never seen a man with a bigger heart than Bobby. This community will miss him immensely.”

Many who knew him, knew of his love and advocacy for the library. Sasnett knew what the library meant to the citizens of Holmes County not only as a commissioner but also as a citizen himself according to Library Director Becky Marsh. “Mr. Sasnett and his family made use of our library frequently,” said Marsh. “He knew our library and the work we do in the community. We felt his loss professionally when he lost the last election. We feel that loss personally now. Holmes County has suffered a great loss, he will forever be missed.”

A great sense of humor was one thing Sasnett knew a little something about and when to use it. Commissioner Brandon Newsom recalls sitting in meetings and tempers were beginning to flare.  “I remember we could be in a meeting with the most serious of issues,” said Newsom. “Tensions would be running high in the entire room and Bobby would come out with the wittiest comment on the topic. When he did it would normally leave the entire room in laughter. He just knew how to lighten the mood of any tense situation. Bobby was truly loved and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.” 

Newsom went on to say making a difference was Sasnett’s goal. “Bobby genuinely loved his job as commissioner because he loved to serve and help people,” said Newsom. “I think he enjoyed the feeling of knowing he was making a difference and seeing someone smile was his goal. It was a blessing to know him.”

The common thread among those that knew Sasnett is his want to help anyone and everyone that he possibly could. Commissioner Clint Erickson is no different. “This man had one of the biggest hearts and always tried to help people regardless of the situation,” said Erickson. “The best way to describe Mr. Bobby is “salt of the Earth”. I don’t believe he saw bad in any person, and he believed it was his civic duty to help his fellow neighbor. We should all strive to be like Bobby Sasnett. I will miss him and will never forget what he taught me.”

Lifelong friend and fellow commissioner Chairman Earl Stafford says Sasnett always put the county first. “I served with Bobby for eight years on the board,” said Stafford. “The citizens of Holmes County were always number one for Bobby. He genuinely wanted to help everyone.” 

Stafford fondly remembers growing up with Sasnett. “We came up together in Westville,” said Stafford. “We played ball, hunted and fished together. You couldn’t ask for a better friend than Bobby Sasnett.”

Fellow commissioners state Holmes County has suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of Bobby Sasnett, but his memory will forever be one of always helping your fellow man.

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