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Ponce de Leon man jailed for methamphetamine

A Ponce de Leon man is behind bars on methamphetamine charges after a traffic stop August 17.

A Holmes County Sheriff’s deputy conducted a traffic stop on Highway 81 and made contact with the vehicle’s occupants. The passenger was identified as Thomas Boothe.

The driver of the vehicle gave consent to search the vehicle and a used syringe containing methamphetamine was subsequently found. According to HCSO, Boothe claimed ownership of the syringe and was taken into custody.

Before being transported to the Holmes County Jail, Boothe admitted to the deputy there was a pipe hidden in his pants. When Boothe removed the pipe and gave it to the deputy, it was determined it contained methamphetamine. 

Boothe is charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia.

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