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Inmate on trial for killing of fellow inmate

A Holmes County jury will convene Wednesday morning for the first day of a second-degree murder trial.

Raymond Strong, 38, is accused of stabbing fellow inmate Kevin Parker to death at the Holmes Correctional Institution in April 2020.

According to the arrest affidavit from Florida Department of Law Enforcement, video surveillance shows Strong and Qwantas Johnson engaged in an altercation with Parker in the common area of their prison dorm.

At the end of the footage, Strong and Johnson are seen walking away, and Parker is left lying on the ground not moving.

Parker was transported to Doctors Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead from multiple stab wounds to his upper torso.

Assistant State Attorneys Benjamin Keown and Megan Ford are the prosecutors trying the case while Strong is representing himself as a pro se litigant.

The Holmes County Advertiser will be covering the trial throughout the week. Check back for updates.

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