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PDL man charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty

A Ponce de Leon man is facing multiple charges after Holmes County Sheriff’s Office investigated a case of severe animal cruelty.


Thomas Kelly is charged with four felony counts of animal cruelty causing death and 30 misdemeanor counts of tormenting, depriving, or mutilating animals.


On August 23, HCSO, Alaqua Animal Rescue, Walton County Sheriff’s Office Ranch and Ag Unit, and Washington County Animal Control assisted in removing numerous animals from Kelly.


The animals were found in unfit and unlivable conditions. Food and water was extremely limited with the majority of animals having no ready access to the minimal amount that was found on the property. Many of the animals were malnourished and in dire need of emergency veterinary care. Four of the animals died as a result of the lack of care.


All of the animals were removed from the property, and received nourishment, evaluation, and care.


The pictures are very difficult to view and involve serious animal cruelty, some of which led to death. HCSO stated  it is important for the public to understand the extent to which these animals suffered and why they will work tirelessly to protect them.


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