Ponce de Leon High School FCCLA members represented their state at the National Leadership Conference. [CONTRIBUTED]
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PDLHS brings home big wins from national conference

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Donna Hicks
FCCLA Advisor

Ponce de Leon High School Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

represented their school and community at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference (NLC) held at the Colorado Convention Center from July 2-6.

The annual event brought together more than 7,900 FCCLA student members, advisers, and guests.

The conference provided Ponce de Leon High School FCCLA members with a wealth of incredible opportunities, including attending inspiring speaker sessions, engaging in youth workshops, competing on a national level, and networking with fellow youth leaders. 

Centered around the theme “incREDible”  the conference highlighted how FCCLA offers incredible prospects to its members and advisers through Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education. 

By exploring career opportunities and instilling real-world skills, advocacy, and service, FCCLA empowers its members to make an incREDible impact that will guide them throughout their lives.

Sandy Spavone, Executive Director of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, expressed her enthusiasm. “We are thrilled to have welcomed over 7,900 members, advisers, corporate partners, and guests who are dedicated to discovering the unlimited possibilities available through FCCLA,” said Spavone. “The relationships and skills developed during this conference have inspired students to make an incREDible difference in their communities.”

During the conference, twenty PDLHS FCCLA members showcased their exceptional talent and dedication by participating in various events and leadership skill-building activities. Their remarkable achievements and their outstanding representation of their school and community, are a testament to their hard work, determination, and commitment to excellence.

In addition to being recognized as Gold Medal winners at FCCLA NLC, two groups were recognized as being in the top 10 presenters in the nation in their respective events.

The results of their participation are as follows:

Chapter in Review Display – Level Two – Silver Medal

Tegan Wilson, Madaly Flynn, Jaylin Brunson.


Chapter Service Project Display – Level Two – Gold Medal – Top Five in the Nation

Halinah Taylor and Georgianna Churchwell.


Chapter Service Project Display Level Three – Silver Medal

Eric Brunson and Jodi Smith.


Chapter Service Project Portfolio – Level One – Silver Medal

Amaya Brunson and Madison Flynn.


Chapter Service Portfolio – Level Two – Bronze Medal

Blake Magnus and Lillian Sutton.


Focus on Children – Level One – Silver Medal

Fisher Weimorts, Astrid Walton, and Colt Byrd.


Focus on Children – Level Two – Silver Medal

Daniel Ard, Kaylee Walton, and Anna Carroll.


Repurpose and Redesign – Level Two – Silver Medal

Ford Motley.


Repurpose and Redesign – Level Two – Gold Medal – top 10 in the nation

Hunter Weimorts.


FCCLA will host its next National Leadership Conference in Seattle, Washington from June 29 to July 3, 2024.

 FCCLA is a student-led national organization supporting youth on their journey to become the leaders of tomorrow.  It is the only career and technical intracurricular student organization with a central focus on careers that support families. 




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