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PDLFD seeks to expand station

 PONCE DE LEON – Contingent on a funding source, the Ponce de Leon Fire Department was approved the use of the 11 acres located behind their building by the Ponce de Leon Town Council.  

PDLFD is working on ticking off another item on their to-do list by way of a new station. Chief Doug Remmel says it is something they have needed for a while.  

“Our station just isn’t big enough to fit our needs anymore,” said Remmel. “We have needed a new station for a while but in the meantime, we are making repairs and doing what we can to make it work.” 

With the lack of an emergency shelter in the western side of the county, the department has a goal of making part of their station be that much needed space. 
Should PDLFD attain their goal, one half of the building would house
the station itself and the other half would house the space for a
and the amenities that go along with that.

 State Representative Brad Drake says he is happy to support this project. ““In
an effort to maintain public safety standards in our rural communities,
we must evaluate current need s assessments and potential growth
activities there,” said
Drake. ”In
doing so, the Florida Legislature will review the feasibility for
upgrading the fire house infrastructure in Ponce de Leon, Holmes County.
We recognize the burden of fiscal constraint on small communities and
hope to assist with procurement of funds to prepare the town for its
current and future needs. I’m pleased to offer my support in this

The total cost for the project is estimated at $1.5 million which is being sought through appropriations as well as grants.

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