A speed limit sign in the middle of nowhere.
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Speed limit to be reduced on US 90 in front of Holmes County High



The speed limit for US 90 in front of Holmes County High School in Bonifay will be reduced down to 25 miles per hour during school hours. 

The reduction was announced at a City Council meeting on Oct. 23 by Police Chief Johnny Whitaker.

‘On US 90, there’s Blue Devil Drive. There have been some concerns about the speed limit. Some letters were sent to DOT (Florida Department of Transportation),’ Whitaker said. ‘They have agreed to reduce the speed limit by 20 miles per hour.’

The speed limit was previously 45 miles per hour. Educational outreach efforts will be made to make the public aware of the change.

‘There’s been some discussion for several years now about reducing that speed limit,’ Whitaker said. ‘There’s so much traffic with the elementary school being there now that sometimes it backs up to US 90. The county commissioners, sheriff’s office, school board got with DOT and got it reduced.’

The reduction will be effective as soon as the county and FDOT gets traffic control devices in place. 

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