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Veterans’ Memorial Park gets new nets for tennis, pickleball courts 


The Bonifay Public Works Department has installed new nets at the Veterans’ Memorial Park tennis and pickleball courts.

City Executive Assistant Sierra Smith announced the new features for the outdoor area during a City Council meeting Monday, Feb. 5.

“They purchased a new net, replaced one, and moved the other one over in order to help accommodate our citizens and their desire to utilize the courts,” Smith said.

The previous nets were “cut down multiple times” in acts of vandalism, Smith said. Even after people zip-tied the nets down, they were still reportedly illegally removed.

“(Police Chief Johnny) Whitaker is in the process of working on some long-term solutions to help cut down on vandalism,” Smith said. “His officers are heavily patrolling our parks, as they always do–especially in the evening times.”

The lights have also been kept on later at Veterans’ Park in hopes of deterring vandalism.

“Obviously, that’s cost money,” Smith said. “It’s not something the City should have to continue replacing without having some better solutions in place.” 

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