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County officials outline potential next steps for speed bumps on Coursey Road


Residents and community members who have called for speed bumps to be put back on Coursey Road in Westville might be able to do so under a lengthy plan unveiled by Holmes County officials Tuesday, Feb. 6.

An option mentioned during a Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting was for residents to bring a petition forth, with 90% of landowners in the area voting yes on installing speed bumps. A traffic count would then need to be done, along with an engineering study and public hearing. 

The matter would also likely have have to go before the 

An engineering study would be the biggest approval as far as allowing speed bumps to go back on Coursey Road, County Attorney Nate Nolin said.

Coursey Road residents and other members of the Holmes County community have asked county officials to reinstall speed bumps on the route due to safety concerns, citing drivers who speed on the path and a fatal wreck that happened last year. 

Commissioner Brandon Newsom said there are a “lot of hoops to jump through” and that he didn’t want to give false hope to people on Coursey Road.

“To put it back on the landowners would be fair,” Newsom said.

A draft ordinance for what “traffic calming devices”–the legal term for speed bumps–is expected to come before the BOCC at a future meeting.

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