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County officials look to get underbrush cleared on Busy Bee site


Holmes County Commissioner Clint Erickson said he is eager to get started on clearing underbrush at the coming new Busy Bee location so the project can get moving along.

To that end, a bulldozer and two excavators will be rented for a month to handle the clearing.

“I really think we need to move forward,” Erickson said during a Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Busy Bee will eventually open at the southwest corner of Interstate-10. 

“Busy Bee is coming along,” Erickson said.

The site is part of what is called Project Gateway, which is expected to have other businesses open. Erickson said other companies want to join in but couldn’t name the exact businesses.

Project Gateway is a joint venture between the county and Holmes County Development Commission. Development Commission Executive Director Joe Rone said the Busy Bee location won’t be directly on the road so that there can be a runway for vehicles.

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