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Well trained to be well prepared

Bonifay Fire-Rescue conducted a multi-department vehicle extrication training exercise Wednesday, August 4. 

Bonifay Fire-Resuce Operations Captain Landis Messer says firefighters from BFR, as well as Esto Fire Department, ran through several emergency scenarios, and gained valuable training time using BFRÂ’s newly updated extrication tools. 

“ItÂ’s always great to get hands-on training time in a controlled environment, particularly with other departments,” said Captain Messer. 

“Being able to work together, seamlessly, enables us to serve the public in a more effective manner, and ultimately, when it comes to vehicle extrication, our goal is to remove a trapped patient as fast as possible, while not compromising safety standards.  This exercise is just one example of the hundreds of hours of training we log each year, thanks to the efforts of our training Lieutenant, Jack Griffiths.” 

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