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The Little Libraries that could: Holmes County Public Library encourages reading county-wide with library boxes

HOLMES COUNTY – In August 2019, former Holmes County Public Library (HCPL) Director Susan Harris decided there was a need to serve book lovers who may not be able to easily travel to Bonifay, where the main library is located. 


From that thought, the “Little Libraries” project was born.


Today. these little boxes are located in seven locations throughout the county and are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone can borrow from the Little Libraries, no library card needed. The idea is to take a book and leave another in its place. Although not everyone leaves a book, Library Director Becky Marsh says that is okay. 


“Although we would prefer the ‘take one, leave one method’, we don’t mind as long as people are reading,” said Marsh.  


The little boxes are refilled regularly with donated books ranging from children’s books and novels to self-help books and how-to books that cover an array of topics. Marsh says there is something for everyone in each box, but if someone doesn’t find something to suit their fancy, they can just try another location or keep checking back until they find something they like. 


Little Libraries are located at Noma Town Hall, Gritney Fire Department, New Hope Volunteer Fire Department, Esto Town Hall, Pittman Volunteer Fire Department, Westville Community Center, and at Pine Log Fire Department.



Marsh says the HCPL simply wants to reach those who can’t easily reach them – and spread the joy of reading throughout the county.



“We want to make sure everyone has access to the library,” she said. “We know there are some in the far reaches of the county who either do not want to come to town just for a book, or cannot easily travel a good distance. This makes Little Libraries the perfect alternative for them to utilize.” 



Should anyone find one of the Little Libraries empty, Marsh asks that they contact HCPL staff at 850-547-3573. 



Donation of used books are also welcome so that the Little Libraries may stay stocked up.

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