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DMH delivers COVID antibody infusions

BONIFAY – An infusion that could make a huge difference in how severely COVID-19 affects someone is available at Doctors Memorial Hospital. The medicine is only an effective form of treatment if a positive test result is found early enough. Director of Pharmacy Warren Bailey urges anyone with symptoms to be tested immediately and not have the wait and see approach with your health. “It is important that anyone showing any kind of symptoms be tested as soon as possible,” said Bailey. “The only way this infusion works is by catching the virus early enough, the key is early detection.” The infusion works for COVID-19 positive patients whose symptoms are mild or moderate before they worsen or require hospitalization. 

 The name of the infusion is Casirivimab plus Imdevimab and it is from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and the company’s website says the man-made proteins act like a human’s immune response to help ease symptoms. “With
two complementary antibodies in one therapeutic, even if one antibody
has reduced potency in response to a variant strain of the virus, the
risk of the combination losing efficacy is diminished, as the virus
would need to mutate in multiple distinct locations to evade both

The infusions can be given on an outpatient basis and are free of charge. Doctors
say this out-patient treatment marks a dramatic shift in COVID-19 care.
It’s the first antibody treatment that got emergency use approval from
the FDA.

says the infusion does not replace the vaccine but is still an
effective form of treatment. “For those who are vaccine hesitant
, the infusion will help combat COVID but it does not mean you don’t need the vaccine,” said Bailey. “We encourage everyone to research which vaccine is best for them before making a final decision but we highly recommend getting vaccinated.”

General Hospital was the first hospital in the state of Florida to use
the antibody infusion on November 20, 2020, DMH gave their first do
se just two days later on November 22, 2020.

DMH has dedicated infusions suites available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week through their emergency room.  

For more information contact Doctors Memorial Hospital at 850-547-8000.

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