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Holmes County issues burn ban

Holmes County Board of County Commissioners and The City of Bonifay have implemented a burn ban effective immediately which will be in effect until further notice. County Manager David Corbin signed a resolution on Monday, March 7, that reads as follows:


It is ordered that the following is prohibited in the City of Bonifay and Holmes County Florida:


  1. Open burning, except outdoor grills used in preparing food; and commercial land clearing where onsite inspection and approval has been granted by the Florida Forest Service on a case-by-case basis, and it is determined that there will be sufficient fire suppression equipment and personnel on site.
  2. The sale, use and or discharge of items listed in Florida Statutes 791.01 (4) (fireworks) using explosive or combustible compounds.
  3. The use or discharge of flares.
  4. The use of outdoor burning devices, excluding attended and monitored barbecue or cooking equipment.
  5. Any otherwise lawful outdoor burning, such as lawn, debris, or trash burning.
  6. The parking of vehicles with catalytic converters in high grassy areas.
  7. The disposal of matches or cigarettes, etc., Except in proper disposal containers.

Any person violating this order or any person who willfully fails or refuses to comply with the orders of any duly authorized law enforcement officer or personnel charged with the responsibility of for the enforcement of such order shall, upon conviction, therefore, be punished in accordance with Florida Statute sections 252.550.

If any provision of this order is invalidated by a court or confident jurisdiction such in validity shall not affect the remaining provisions of the order, which shall continue to have the full force and effect of law.

This burn ban shall remain in effect until the Florida Forest Service determines whether conditions are favorable for open burning.

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