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Westville mourns the loss of beloved former clerk

Beloved long-time Town of Westville clerk Donna Gillis passed away on June 28, but those she served say she leaves behind a legacy of love and giving.

Gillis served as clerk for 22 years before she retired. During that time, she gave much back to her community. Gillis’ daughter, Rachel Herrington, says her mother had a giving heart.

“My mother gave so much back to this community,” Herrington said. “Families ate because she provided, and kids didn’t go without. She gave and never asked for anything in return.”

That sentiment was shared in a Facebook post from Gillis’ long-time friend, Patricia Latson.

 “Donna Gillis was family to many around here, even those to whom she wasn’t blood kin,” read the post. “Many times, she paid water bills for people in need to keep their water on. Sometimes they paid her back; sometimes they didn’t. It made no difference in how she treated the next person in need. She may have clocked in and out, but she was never off duty for someone who needed her. She always strove to be better and do better than she had before. God blessed us with her far longer than we deserved, and we are all far better for having known her.”

Gillis is survived by David Gillis, her husband of 38 years and four children, 13 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.


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