Esto Council declines townwide mosquito spraying services


Collin Breaux


Florida, including the Panhandle, is a place where trucks sometimes go around spraying mosquito repellent to ward off the buzzing nuisance.

The Esto Town Council, however, is saying no to doing that in 2023.

Councilmembers declined to go forward with townwide spraying during their monthly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Councilmember Garet Skipper supported not spraying this year and cited financial reasons as a factor, which other councilmembers then unanimously agreed with.

Council Vice President Josh Davenport asked for input on the matter from his peers on if it’s better or worse mosquito-wise when it sprays. 

‘I don’t have a good gauge on this because of where I live,’ Davenport said. ‘I live in a fairly secluded area with woods and so I don’t really know exactly how that works.’

Town Clerk Ben Tew gave his perspective as someone who lives in town-specifically, next to Dollar General ‘with their drainage pond.’

‘I can certainly say in previous years that there have been less mosquitoes,’ Tew said. ‘I really think this mosquito spray does work.’

Tew further said he believes there are more mosquitoes this year. 

The estimated cost for Esto to do mosquito spraying is around $1,000 to $1,100 a year, with spraying done about once a week. Mosquito spraying lasts through October. 

Should mosquito spraying ever be done, people can request to be on a no-spray address list for various reasons, including allergies. 

In other news from the meeting, Tew said the Holmes County Tourist Development Council planned to eventually shoot a highlight video in Esto and surrounding areas as part of tourism marketing efforts. 

Davenport said John Clark Park needs upgrades, which would hopefully be done in a month and in time for the TDC’s visit. 

An air conditioning unit at John Clark Park will be repaired to address a leaking air handler at a cost of $1,330. 

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