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Holmes County School Board adopts tentative budget, millage rate


County School Board adopted the millage and approved the district’s
tentative budget for the 2021-22 school year in budget hearing held
Monday, August 2. 


Required Local Effort (RLE) is proposed to increase by 1.95 percent
compared to the state law rolled-back rate.  The actual RLE of 3.602
will decrease overall from last year ‘s RLE of 3.638. This millage rate
will generate $2,032,366 when applied to the current year’s gross
taxable value, which increased by $27.1 million. The proposed millage
rate is required under state law in order to receive $19.7 million in
state education grants. The increase represents approximately six-tenths
of the total proposed taxes. 


board adopted the RLE millage rate of 3.602, Basic Discretionary
Millage rate of 0.7480, and Capital Outlay millage of 1.1500, for a
total millage of 5.850.  This is a
decrease compared to last year’s total millage of 6.223. The board also adopted a tentative budget of $38,018,109. 


revenues include approximately $6.16 million from federal sources, $23
million from state sources, and $3.6 million from local sources.  Part
of that revenue includes $812,495 generated by the capital outlay tax
which will help support projects such as will be used in part for roof
repairs/replacement and renovation projects in the district, purchasing
and leasing of buses, lease-purchase of four county vehicles, and
purchase and lease of new computers and software throughout the


and expenditures include about $17.83 million will be paid out for
instruction, $3.36 million for facilities operations, and $1.4 million
for pupil transportation services.


Holmes County School Board will meet again at 8 a.m., Tuesday, August 10.  The final budget hearing is scheduled for September 13 at 5:05 p.m.

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