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Poplar Springs hosts 12th annual summer shootout

More than two dozen boys high school basketball teams traveled from around the region this week to compete at the 12th annual Poplar Springs summer camp.

Last week, the varsity girls teams competed. This week, the varsity boys took the court.

Two games are played at a time between two separate gymnasiums all day long in the round-robin style shootout.

Not all, but many of the schools competing at the camp, are in Class 1A and Poplar Springs Head Basketball Coach Jared Owen said the camp is always a great showcase for small-town basketball.

“That’s one unique aspect of the tournament is saying, ‘Hey, we’re here,’” Owen said. “A lot of people overlook the smaller schools and we’re not the only one, there’s a lot of us, but it’s like yeah, we can play basketball too, come over here to our neck of the woods. And the one thing that’s great about small-town basketball is the fan support, I think our fans our the best but the other small school, man they have a lot of people that are here.”

The final day of varsity basketball for the camp will be Thursday.

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