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Holmes County’s Jake Riley leads entire state in receiving yards

HOLMES COUNTY – Holmes County football player Jake Riley is currently No. 1 in the state for receiving yards. 

The senior has 593 yards through four games with the Blue Devils. 

“It’s a lot of extra weight on my shoulders definitely, I don’t know it’s definitely not expected I’m enjoying it and I’m trying to get better and better every game,” Riley said.

For Riley, seeing him at the top of that list was unexpected because he hasn’t been playing the sport long. 

In fact, the first down of football he ever played was just last year when he was a junior. 

“We saw signs in a couple games last year, that this guy has some ability. Finally going into his senior year this summer, he got stronger, bigger, a lot faster,” Holmes County head coach Jeff Lee said. “He surprises people. Coaches get in there and say we knew he was good, but then when they get in there and play him, they say we didn’t know he was that good.”

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